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The website Expat Wassenaar aims to provide expats with a quick and easy reference guide to local information providers and services which cater to the city’s international residents.

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About Wassenaar

Home to King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and their three daughters, Wassenaar has been the hometown of Dutch royalty since the mid 1800s.

Wassenaar is located in the province of South Holland, about 10kms north of The Hague. Although generally considered to be an outer-suburb of The Hague, Wassenaar is actually a town of 25,597 inhabitants, with its own mayor and municipal council. Local residents are referred to as Wassenaarders.

One of the most affluent towns in the country, Wassenaar is home to several ambassadorial residences. Foreign diplomats, successful business entrepreneurs, and top level international company staff – make up a significant proportion of the large expat community living in Wassenaar.

Brief History

Not too much is known about Wassenaar until the 19th century when Louis Bonaparte ordered the construction of a road (Heerweg) between the Hague and Leiden. In 1840, Prince Frederick commissioned the building of his new home – De Pauw (Peacock Place), where he resided for many years. This building is now functions at the Wassenaar City Hall.

When the train line between Rotterdam and the Hague was built in 1907, Wassenaar saw an increase in its population, especially in the number of wealthy people relocating to the area from Rotterdam.

During WWII, German troops used Wassenaar as the site for launching rockets aimed at the United Kingdom. A bunker located on the local beach of Wassenaarse Slag, is a reminder of the German invasion of the area during the war years.

What to do

Many visitors to Wassenaar come to see the mansions and villas in the area, especially De Eikenhorst – the residence of the current King and his family since 2003.

Nature reserve, Meijendel, is popular with day cyclists and hikers.

Close to Wassenaar is Duinrell Holiday and Amusement Park – a favourite destination for families especially during school vacation periods.

Expat Wassenaar

The local government website provides information, in English, about moving to and living in Wassenaar: www.english.wassenaar.nl Additional information and support groups for expats are located in the Hague.

Wassenaar is the location of two international schools: The American School of The Hague, and The Indonesian Embassy School of the Netherlands. Again additional international schools are situated in The Hague.

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